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Trevor Pinnock on
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The wonderful debut recital of The Heritage Duo Ensemble with Darrin C. Milling (bass trombone) and Lígia Moreno (piano), presented by conductor Mariana Menezes, on April 28th, in Brasília.  

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The Baron of Rio-Branco

The most important Brazilian diplomat of all time on his diplomatic and as Minister of External Relations, which earned him the title of patron of Brazilian diplomacy.

Nelson Freire – Rites of Passage

Sleeve notes by pianist and author Gilda Oswaldo Cruz for the SanCtuS album “Rites of Passage”.

Villa-Lobos Plays Villa-Lobos.
An imporant musical document

Arminda Villa-Lobos conceived and produced this fine record (LP), now reissued by SanCtuS. 
Unfortunately, information regarding venues and recording dates was never registered but, despite this shortcoming, we welcome this initialive which has the full support of the Villa-Lobos Museum.

Rafael Puyana on the three manual harpsichord of 1740 by Hieronymus Albrecht Hass

This instrument is unique in being the most elaborate eighteenth-century harpsichord to have come down to us. The allegorical scene painted inside ist lid – probably representing Dido and Aeneas or Paris and Helen – suggests it was intened as a royal gift. It represents a Knight in armour appearing in a cloud above the very same harpsichord being represented (presumably by Hass himself and his son) to an enthroned lady who marvels at the sight. 

Rafael Puyana on the interpretation of Domenico Scarlatti

Rafael Puyana’s performances of the sonatas for harpsichord by Domenico Scarlatti are widely accepted as a landmark in the history of Scarlatti playing of the 20 th century and continues to be so, into the 21 st . Such an accomplishment was achieved by him over a lifetime of passionate dedication and tireless research.

Fulfilling a Visionary Dream

Introduction text written by violinist and musical producer Betina Maag Santos for the SanCtuS album entitled “Johann Sebastian Bach – Six Partitas from the Clavier-Übung I” (SCS 027-029) with recordings of Rafael Puyana playing the celebrated three-manual harpsichord by Hieronymus Albrecht Hass of 1740.

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