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Six Sonatas for Violoncello and Continuo, Op. 3

SCS 002/003

Antonio Meneses, cello, Rosana Lanzelotti (cravo) and Gustavo Tavares (cello), continuo.

Primeiro lançamento mundial em CD das sonatas para cello, op. 3, de  Carlo Graziani.  Antonio Meneses, violoncelo, Rosana Lanzelotti (cravo) e Gustavo Tavares (cello), continuo.


“This is a beautiful recording… Antonio Meneses turns in an immaculate performance, in which both the larger scale aspects of the music and the finest details are given loving attention.”

Madeleine Rowles
Early Music News (Feb/March 96)

“Magnificent performances…Grazianis idiom displays a graceful melodic charm and textural transparency which is wholly beguiling…Very highly recommended.”

Michael Jameson,
Fanfare (July/August 96)

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