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SanCtuS Recordings is dedicated to the preservation of relevant musical, artistic and cultural legacies, as well as to the recovery and dissemination of other works that deserve to be remembered.

The name SanCtuS is a natural association with the patron saint of music and musicians, Santa Caecilia. Her most well-known – and beautiful – visual representation is the painting by Raffaello Sanzio, in the Galeria Nationale in Bologna, on which his friend, Marcantonio Raimondi, based his etching that has been adopted by SanCtuS as its logo. The name SanCtuS also alludes to the family name of its founders.

The SanCtuS Album

With Bruno Monsaingeon, Nelson Freire, Rafael Puyana and Bosco Padilha

Santa Caecilia Saints Right

Santa Caecilia Yellow 1920 x 1083

Santa Caecilia v2 orange1920 x 1083

COVER ART 580 X 326 Angel

Santa Caecilia v2 light yellow 1920 x 1083

Santa Caecilia Saints Left

Santa Caecilia face

Santa Caecilia Dark Greylong vertical

COVER ART 580 X 580 Angel v2 Placeholder

COVER ART 580 X 580 Angel Placeholder

COVER ART 580 X 326 Angel v2

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