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An English Serenade

Roger Birnstingl, bassoon, Sam Haywood, piano

SCS 022

Music for bassoon and piano. Works by Elgar, Vaughan Williams and other English composers- Roger Birnstingl, bassoon, Sam Haywood, piano.


” …now comes a CD from the gifted artistry of one of England’s premier bassoonists, Roger Birnstingl, which can stand forever as a “treatise” on the beauties of the “British School” of bassooning…gorgeous recording by Roger Birnstingl. Accompanied perfectly by young British pianist, Sam Haywood, this recording is not only beautifully performed, but recorded with equal care and precision. I have never heard the balance between bassoon and piano recorded any better! I give this CD my very highest recommendation.”

 International Double Reed Society (IDRS).

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