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Novelletten Humoreske

Nikolai Demidenko (piano)

SCS 011

Humoreske, op. 20 and Novelletten, op. 21 – Nikolai Demidenko, piano.


” …Demidenko seems to identify perfectly with the many aspects of Schumanns personality expressed in these piecesimpetuosity, bubbling good humor, intimacy, melancholy, tendernessand each emotion is captured to perfection. The sheer technical command evinced in some difficult passages, such as the octaves in the Intermezzo section in the third piece of the Humoreske, or the dazzling leggiero of the second of the Novelletten, is absolutely thrilling…Of the several versions of these works available on CD, I find none that surpasses Demidenko in Schumannesque expression and technique…”

Susan Kagan
Fanfare May/June 1998.

“Demidenko gives a glowing account of the Humoreske, op. 20, revelling in both its tenderness and caprice. He draws out the opening melody like so much gossamer thread, but then happily complies with Schumanns many changes of mood and musical idea with beguiling results. One of the marvels of this disc is that Demidenko wears his technical skill so lightly. Any sense of awe in the face of difficulty is banished only a supremely musical impression remains. Throughout the Novelletten, Op. 21, Demidenko commands attention with his exuberant and, at times, imposing style. The fleet-fingered opening of No. 2 and the titanic start of No. 8 are cases in point…”

Tony Way The Age (Melbourne),
August 27, 1998 (Green Guide, p. 16)

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